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Aug 14, 2018

Resumes for introverts.

In this episode of the Zero2hired podcast, we interview Stephanie Clark; she reveals the secrets to creating a resume that will get you hired.

Stephanie Clark launched her own new career when she opened her business in 2007. Not really aspired to be a business owner, the spark that spurred Stephanie to establish New Leaf Resumes was her gift for the written word. 
Stephanie's resumes continue to earn her accolades. She has since earned two master-level certifications, a total of 9 awards from Career Professionals of Canada, an award from the US-based Emerald Career Publications.
You'll find Stephanie's resumes and letters in a variety of career books that you might find at Chapters, in your local library or career centre.
To learn more about Stephanie, check out these links.
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